Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Where To Get Design Inspiration

Nowadays I am more of a developer than a designer though I love doing both. A few days back I tried coming up with some designs as required by clients but I was always stuck and not liking the things I did. I turned to the internet and I found this cool link that talks about 100 sites that can help you come up with just the best designs. Even if your brain is tired it will be inspired by simple looking at these sites.
check out the link and if you got a better way a designer like me can search for inspiration please post it as a comment.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Google Adsense is not working in Africa part 2

hello, my blog is kind of scanty with fewer posts coming up lately. Men AfroVisioN Group is on the fast lane and you know how it is. Anyway no room for excuses because they don't do the job.
Last year I wrote a very controversial blog post about Google Adsense Not Working In Africa. Now I decided to come with a follow up because I noticed some improvements(++ to Google Africa).
Check out this picture then we proceed.
The picture is a screen shot from my Cameroonian youths network for students of university of buea. I have been seeing these ads lately and I was like: Is this MTN Africa using Ad words Network ?? if so men the ads are getting real in the sense that they will make more sense to my users.
My cry about Adsense - Adwords in Africa was the fact that most of the ads were not about things African internet users could relate to in their daily lives compared to the ads they see on TV or Magazines. Imagine an ad about hotels in California on, can the students pay for a hotel in USA? Hence they don't click on such ads and we make nothing form our traffic. [ Seun Osewa do you see where I was coming from ].
But with Ads like the one in picture above, Google adsense begins to make more sense to my users and it begins to generate more money. If you own an African web portal and you are an adsense publisher, I guess you might have noticed these ads from MTN. I found them on and on . Gradually Google adsense is working in Africa but not yet up to 20%, we need more companies to start using adwords which I am currently advocating and slowly but surely, we will be making some money from our traffic.