Monday, September 21, 2009

My Meeting with Professor Monekosso Gottlieb Lobe

My blog has been missing me alot because of my love for AfroVisioN Group( and my other projects that you can read on my birthday blog review on . Ok enough with the excuses because they dont do the job lol. lets get back to the topic at meeting with Prof Monekosso Lobe, a top Star Cameroonian Elite who has served as African Regional President of WHO(World Health Organisation) and also served Cameroon as a Minister of public health and for the record he is the person that launched Cameroon foremost Medical Institution locally known as CUSS.
While I was in Yaounde at the Ministry of youths and Sports, talking with the national president of Athletic Federation in Cameroon about their need of a website, I had a call from a friend in Buea. The phone call was demanding me to meet with Prof Monekosso and coming back to buea I scheduled the meeting with him this morning.
I was at his place for an hour and we talked about a couple of things relating to empowering Cameroonians and not only making them depend on foreign Aid but also start working and ferning for themselves.
I was very very happy to be on the same table with this 80yr old Cameroonian who has alot of experience and archievements in his portfolio(thanks be to God).
The meeting was about his Global Health Dialogue Platform.
We are going to be working with villages and local councils, empowering them with health related information and needs along side supervising their activities.
Where I fit in is the IT department, I am going to define how a platform similar to what I did for Link UP (coming soon), but this one will be more geared towards health and the sub urban communities in Cameroon to start with then later spread into other parts of Africa(remember he has once served WHO and he innitiated the project of all District Hospitals we have in Cameroon and most parts of Africa). So the platform will work more with health and our people in the less previledged regions of Cameroon and later Africa.
I will end this blog post here and get to work, but I will keep you posted as things unfold. Dont forget to keep up with what I have been doing for the past three months on and watch out and, I built those platforms on this same laptop in this same office right here in Molyko, Buea, Cameroon.
thanks for your time