Thursday, April 01, 2010

Free Websites For All Cameroonians

When I started the AfroVisioN dream in 2006, I never knew it will get this far:
- over 100+clients and adding every day
- over 5 outsourcing partners
- strong business collaboration with Nigeria and partners
and now that it has gone to this level I want to give back something to the Cameroonian people that have raised me for the past 24yrs.
I will push AfroVisioN Group to offer 1000 websites free to all Cameroonians(personal, business or enterprise owners) for the next five years. Any business that needs a website/web+enterprise applications should not go any further, come and get your free custom built solutions with us...visit go to our contact page send us a mail with information "Churchill+Mambe-AfroVisioN+Group-free-website:April+Fools+Joke" and state your company name, your address, email and phone number and our Customer Service team will get back to you. Note that in exactly two weeks after you contact us, you will get a website as powerful as and the others we have in our portfolio on