Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Presentation At The University of Buea For Brain Trust Competition

I was happy to be invited to talk about AfroVisioN Group to all the first class students at the University of Buea. They have to be inspired and motivated to start creating their own business' after school or while in school.
I told them who I was, my age and how I started AfroVisioN Group in 2006, and all our achievements (GCE results,, portfolio ) and how we have cut down cost of professional websites in Cameroon and put the most competitive price in the market. They were amazed when I told them we plan to build 1000 websites for NGOs, CIGs, SMEs and schools in Cameroon by the end of 2009.
check out the slideshow below and you might get a summary of how the presentation went through.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Meeting With Dr. Mamouda Of The University Of Buea

On Tuesday I got a call from Billzimmerman( telling me I will have to present the next day(yesterday-wednesday 19 Nov 2008) to students of the University of Buea for their Brain Trust inter university competition which is centered around business creation. So I went there and met other Young entrepreneurs here in Buea and we had to do fast preparation in just 24hrs ;) but the outcome was perfect( leaving that for another post with pictures).
 The picture above is Bill's shot while we were at linkUp  (  training room talking about what the presentation will look like and the guides in producing our power point slide shows ;). Dr Mamouda of the University of Buea was one of the organisers of the event and we had a long talk about what we have to do at the event and other events we will have to attend. I am happy to meet this guy and amazed how I never knew he was around, he has this experience studying and working in Europe and USA and I bet you he will be a great tutor to me. He is a very open person and I will call on him whenever I have difficulties in any business operation ;). 

"Hey Thank you Bill for introducing me to this guy and all the opportunities and VC stuffs your bringing to the Buea area - God Bless You"

 I was there with a 19yr old business man who runs his own cyber cafe and an operation manager of a group that supplies computers to about 20 schools in the south west (bridging the digital divide). 
 I will post information about the presentation after I get the pictues ready. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fuh Bright Afangwei: hopes for a bright future, not insight?

My eyes are filled with tears as I cry for this little boy and his parents, I guess its realy hard for them to take it. He is a four year old little boy from Bafut currently in Yaounde because he cant see with his right eye because due to an infection called "Right Orbital Tumor". This picture is what I saw on his article on and I have never seen something like this before, so we are all called to see how we can help this little boy either by posting his story around or by just donating some funds so that this Cameroonian can live to be our next President, Doctor or Lawyer. Please read the extract below or follow the link to learn more about his case. See for your self:

"The story of Fuh Bright Afangwei can hardly be told without holding back tears.
Born of 23-year, Fuh Godwill and 21-year Ambesso Gladys, the story of this 4-year little boy started in 2006 when the child complained of right eye pain. 

The parents whose monthly income can be estimated at 25000 FRS CFA ($50) instantly took their first son in quest of a  proper diagnosis.

After criss-crossing a numbers of health centres in the small locality of Bafut where they lived, the boy was later referred to Acha Annex in Bafoussam, a Hospital reputed for treating relatively complicated eye problems..."
 For more information please click here 

Friday, November 14, 2008

Mambe Nanje Churchill On The Spotlight

Well I cant believe Bill Zimmerman (An Ex Microsofter) just posted an interview about me and AfroVisioN Group. Well I think AfroVisioN Group is getting alot of attention these days. If you want to read the post follow the link below.