Thursday, March 19, 2009


reading this blog post I was totally shocked. How come Rasmus of writes something like this to the public. If its for traffic generation then I am totally disappointed. read the post below

My comments about his post:

How can he prefer his own framework to other frameworks that make the work easy for us. Its like me telling him I will never use php because it wraps everything together in one language rather I will build my own server scripting engine that will let me support .net, java and php where necessary. HOW DUMB IS THAT ??.

These frameworks might be bad but the overall success is the fact that they are documented for teams to work together and also ask questions to community on one common platform. For instance the codeigniter framework has documentation and if I am building my application and somewhere I get called for something else, I can outsource it to any php developer and tell him my code base is on This way any developer can update my codes by learning codeigniter and then working from where I stopped given the specifications and UML diagrams. But using his so called no framework framework. How is he going to explain things to other developers when he gets stuck along the way. THIS ONLY SHOWS HE IS NOT A TEAM PLAYER OR HE HAS A LOT OF TIME TO TRAIN GUYS TO UNDERSTAND HIS NO FRAMEWORK FRAMEWORK AND WORK ON PROJECTS WITH HIM.

Men Frameworks like the .NET framework is what php has been lacking for years and no true programmer will lean more to procedural and individualistic ways of doing things than a team way of doing things.

I don't have the time to create my own framework, before building my application, then spend time writing documentation for my team members to learn and then start developing. I want to use a framework that has done a lot of stuff for me and can also help me outsource work to others and still be able to modify their codes even if they are thousands of miles away from me. I don't need to send them mails or get conference calls with them just to ask what they use to validate codes or connect to the google api. I will just follow the programming principles in the framework and understand their codes and they too will understand mine.

Men Rasmus, that your toy post was a total mess and please try to upgrade and follow the current trend of things

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Have you ever wondered what will happen if your mail client could send mails in the BACKGROUND ? if so then we are very much alike.

MAGIC: I wish that the gmail team reads this and adds this feature so it can help me read and respond to my business mails faster.

Now you might be wandering what I mean by "multithreading in gmail", well I simple wish to be able to send more than one mail at the same time with my gmail account.

The idea is simple:
1) I compose a mail,
2) add some attachments,
3) hit send button,
4) gmail sends the mail in a background thread and shows me the "notification status"
5) I go back to my inbox, (mail is been sent in background)
6) read another mail (mail is still being sent, or if done notice appears)
7) reply to another mail which also quees in a background thread.
8) I go back to inbox and the cycle continues

This way, while a mail is been sent, gmail informs me, "mails sending in process" or "mail has been sent" but the sending process doesnt stop me from searching, reading or doing other stuffs in gmail. Currently when you sending a mail it blocks you from doing any other thing, if you try to click on inbox while mail sending in process, it gives you a modal notice "your mail has not been sent... discard...". but they could just do a background thread and I go on while the machine works and informs me assynchronously.

Why on earth are the smartest web geeks(Phds) not able to do this simple computing stuff for me ??
AJAX is assynchronous javascript and XML. if i can remember my AJAX lessons, Assynchronous means it runs in the background, and gmail is one of the leading AJAX apps on earth. So guys please add me some "send mail in background" feature so i can reply to 20 mails in 3-- mins.

Trip to Cocoa Farms in Matoh-Kumba, Cameroon - 21 feb to 22 feb 2009

Recently, myself and a partner in Switzerland( Sebastian Schmid), decided to do some market research in the farming, processing and exporting of cocoa from Cameroon. This initiative came upon me while I was on my way back to Buea from the ICTAfrica2008 conference (here). I was sitting in the bus and wondering why I export software codes(programs) from AfroVisioN Group to Europe while my classmates, brothers and sisters in my village work in Cocoa farms and I could help them export their produce and help improve their living standards.

Question was : Churchill you are exporting software (outsourcing), why don't you also export agricultural produce just like you do with software ???

Well Sebi is a great Swiss social entrepreneur, a friend and a partner. When I told him my plans he was interested and we planned a trip to visit the farms in my village and see how we could be a part of their farming process.

Well the pictures below will give you a glimpse of our trip:

Below is Sebi in a cocoa farm and my uncle in the background

Below am feeling like a great farmer

Below: At my uncle's place in Matoh - Kumba. preparing to visit the farms

Below: on the way from Kumba to Matoh (45mins drive ) - African car (a full blog post is required)

Below: on our way from Kumba to Matoh, we had to step down for car to climb

Below: on our way back from Kumba to Buea, I had "nose bleeding" too much noise I hit in Kumba at bus station

Below: Catholic Church Kosalla Kumba - while we were walking to get a taxi from the Theological Seminary

Below: Matoh is a realy nice village with students coming back from school ;)

Below: road to the farms - 20mins walk from the village

Below: At the Theological seminary where we lived with Christoph and his wife Cornelia(in pic below)

Below: buea before our departure

Below: At Christoph's place - Christoph hosted us in Kumba after we got back from Matoh. Realy cool guy and he is Pastor and lecturer at Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Kumba. He also gave me some paino lessons that night. He is a geek on the paino ;)

Below: Sebi sharing some drinks with my uncles at a village bar, while we were expecting a car to pick us back to Kumba from Matoh

Below: Sebi with my two uncles

Below: This is where I grew up and spent most of my early holidays

Below: this is my background and I miss this life

Below: on the road to the farms, Sebi was tired but he says I was tired not him

Below: trying to be happy with a cocoa pod

Below: This is the source of the chocolate you eat, so respect it

Below: Sebi what are you searching for ??

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Random Events Dec 2008 - March 2009

Well my blog is missing me because of the tones of work we have at AfroVisioN Group but sure I will always post one or two stuffs because the blogger in me wont rest till I do some blogging ;).
Today I want to take this time off to write about some random events , not much but just a glimpse will be revealed.

Here we go:

ICTAFRICA 18-21 December 2008, Yaounde Cameroon.

In December 2008, there was a conference in Cameroon organized by some African professors in universities around the world (mostly USA). for information about the conference visit They launched a call for papers and I submitted a research paper about IT4UMagazine I did with Phebe. I can say the paper was rich enough for the juries to accept it as a good topic for the conference.

Below is my PowerPoint presentation:

below is my video presentation:

below are some pictures

for more pictures and information please visit the following links

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

AfroVisioN's Offline Gorilla Ad Campaign

We have started posting posters all over the south west Region of Cameroon and this is to inform the general public about our "ONE WEBSITE FOR EVERY CAMEROONIAN SCHEME". check out the picture below and what you see there is actually what you will see all over buea, mile 17, mile 16, Muea and Ekona. Next we move on to Limbe, Mutengene, Tiko, Kumba and Mamfe. The picture is from Billzimmerman, he saw the posters all over the place and took a picture which he posted on twitter find his tweet here - impressive.