Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My 26th birthday - The African Hustler Rebirth

Today I just turned 26 and I thank God for that "Noni"... I hope I get a piano as a gift today else I buy it myself.
 Ok here are quotes from my friends and I must say I am very glad reading all the quotes and birthday wishes on facebook, twitter, sms, mobile voice, etc

Friends had the following to say

T Ngu Kingsley a.k.a Dr Sley www.drsley.com said:
"Churchill, i see you sitting right in the center of the source of change. I hope many can see. So many changes to happen will come from you. This one more year add so many blessings and responsibilities as many will come upon u for change in their lives. Be strong and be ready. Be more in spirit for you a greater than man. Blessed you bro. Happy birthday. thanks for all you have been doing for me..." 

Kathleen Ndongmo said:
"Happy birthday to one of the smartest innovative techkies #Cameroon has seen this generation @mambenanje! We are proud of everything you do!"

Leslie Tita said:
"Happy BD to one the best Developers of this generation and a fellow friendly competitor @mambenanje"

Detunji Emmanuel said:
"A Cup of HOT HELLO; 
A Plate of Crispy Wishes;
A Spoon of Sweet Smiles; and,
A Slice of Great Success ... especially for you.
Enjoy the Day ... Sail High into this New Year of yours.

Mbella said:
"on your birthday may u get lots of wishes and praises with sweet dishes and delicacies andkisses from the heart of your near and dear ones"

Julie Owono said:
"Tu as bloqué ton mur pour ne pas avoir de messages d'anniversaire ? Bon anniversaire Churchill ! J'espère que nous aurons l'occasion de nous rencontrer dans la vraie vie, lol ! Take care and enjoy !"

Kanel Landry said:
"Happy B'Day Bro'.This means take a break to realise and enjoy.;) May God bless u for a continuum of heatlh, hapiness,success and prosperity"

Jay Hudson said:
"Am sure he is coding..loool
I just hope the codes are gonna wish u a HBD too dude"

LaReina DeLa Belleza said:

Senge Ngonge Sone said:
"i say eh papa, over technology for ya side go handicap we oh! why i no di fit write straight for ya wall? u don transform it?

MC Baloko said:
"The more candles, the bigger the wish.
Wishing you everything happy for your birthday.
Wishing you miles of smiles in the coming years.
Wishing you all the best for your Birthday.
May all your dreams and wishes come true!
Wishing you all the fun and excitement that only birthdays can bring.
Wishing you all the best on your speacial day.
Wishing you a cheerful birthday.
Best wishes on your birthday and throughout the coming year.
Wishing you a Happy Birthday and many more to come.
May the best of your wishes be the least of what you get.
Wishing you a happy and prosperous birthday and a sweet night of birthday dreams."

Pelagie Ajaga said:
"hppy bday dear. hope u get d courage to feast each time it comes with the sept 11 tragedy lol.hppy bday, enjoy it, rem . God bless u dear"

Gontran said:
"HBD!! May God on this new year help u to accomplish what u hav plan to do, once again happy birthday !!!"

you can get to read all the wonderful comments and wishes on my facebook wall: www.facebook.com/mambenanje

The reason I call this day Rebirth will be apparent in a few months to come

Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving forward in 2011...

My blog has been silent in months or maybe years... I have been hustling at alot of levels and my new nick name became I AM A HUSTLER ;)... inspired by rap music ;).
Ok this is why I haven't blogged in a while:

1) working on www.njorku.com a Human Resource technology hub in the making for Africans world wide and maybe other countries... There is just no limit to this platform I am killing myself on... coding, business ideas, testing, research, growing mad, getting sad, crying, laughing... and watching Google Analytics ;).

2) AfroVisioN Group my foundation is profitable but I have been battling with new staff month over month I have had like 4 failed hirers where I train guys only to realise they cant be up to what I want them and hence cant use them. There is a big problem with education in Africa... the level at which they leave university is like 2yrs behind world class work force for the most intelligent of them all. I have been having a hard time trying to get them up to pare and the frustration wont let me do any other thing like updating my blog

3) I have been having alot of stress and fatigue from step 1 and 2 above to the level where I have had to involve into gaming PLAY STATION FIFA 10 has become a new friend and at times I just sit at home reading news and thinking hard on what next to do. but the HR issues I faced in my business led me to developing the HR platform www.njorku.com... great right ;).

Finally I will like to thank God for all he has shown me and now mom is also happy and brothers, sisters and family are closer as I get to spend less time working and more time with them especially this past month(May 2011) when my hemophilia brother got me scared as he had appendicitis and that needs operation but his blood condition wont allow an operation, I got so scared for the first time in my life for my kid brother and he is the only one I got. Some how I think I should be successful all the time so if I am not really making great inroads in my current business(AfroVisioN Group-> engineering the way towards more profit), I should make great inroads into my family and also my new venture www.njorku.com but all of that is going to change soon from the next quater I will have enough knowledge to employ the best once again and retain them and move fiercely with great outputs... Amen

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alvarion Selected by 4G Africa to Deploy 4G Network in Cameroon

Alvarion Ltd. (NASDAQ:ALVR), the world’s
leading provider of 4G networks in the Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) market, today
announced it was chosen by 4G Africa AG to deploy the first Mobile WiMAX network in
Cameroon. The deployment in the cities of Douala and Yaoundé, two of Cameroon’s
largest metropolitan areas with a total population 5 million people, will provide coverage
using Alvarion’s end-to-end Mobile WiMAX 4Motion™ solution at the 2.5 GHz frequency

The deployment is expected to provide connectivity to over 10,000 users within the first
year. 4G WiMAX™ presents an ideal business case for enabling mobile broadband to
mass consumers. By building a network based on Alvarion’s leading platform, 4G Africa
can cost-effectively offer a wide range of data services to consumers in Cameroon.

We are excited to work with Alvarion on the first 4G network deployment in Cameroon
and introduce a new era of communications to the residents of Douala and Yaoundé,” said
Dov Bar-Gera, CEO of 4G Africa. “4G Africa is focused on establishing WiMAX networks
in emerging Sub-Saharan countries, such as Cameroon with the overall aim to reduce the
digital divide. Leveraging Alvarion’s technology and expertise allows us to provide a high-
performance quality network, offering valuable broadband services to the residents in this

Sub-Saharan Africa is considered to be one of the world’s fastest growing economies, yet
lacks the proper infrastructure. We recognize the impressive track record Alvarion holds in
Africa in regard to providing operators excellent WiMAX solutions and early deployment

“Bringing Mobile WiMAX services to Cameroon will enable 4G Africa to provide residents
with the benefits of a complete wireless broadband experience,” said Eran Gorev,
president and CEO of Alvarion. “Our advanced technology will provide complete network
connectivity and allow 4G Africa to be one step closer to their goal of reducing the digital
divide in Sub-Sahara Africa.”

About 4G Africa
4G Africa, a Swiss company based in Zurich, was founded by a team of telecom
entrepreneurs who were actively involved in emerging markets for the last decade.

The mission of 4G Africa is to provide affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art broadband
wireless internet access services in chosen countries in sub-Saharan Africa, in order to
help close the digital divide. In 2011 the company will start offering wireless and different
value added services in Cameroon. www.4gafrica.com

About Alvarion
Alvarion (NASDAQ:ALVR) is a global 4G communications leader with the industry’s most
extensive customer base, including hundreds of commercial 4G deployments. Alvarion’s
industry leading network solutions for broadband wireless technologies WiMAX, TD-LTE
and WiFi, enable broadband applications for service providers and enterprises covering a
variety of industries such as mobile broadband, residential and business broadband,
utilities, municipalities and public safety agencies. Through an open network strategy,
superior IP and OFDMA know-how, and ability to deploy large scale end-to-end turnkey
networks, Alvarion is delivering the true 4G broadband experience today

Monday, September 13, 2010

My 25th Birthday and my new name: Mr Churchill Nanje

Hello World
Though I am on vacation I decided to drop a note on my blog since its my 25th birthday.
I am older, stronger and more connected now and I am ready to face life from a different angle. So I decided to officially start bearing my own name which is Mr Churchill Nanje. Well Mambe is my Dad's name so I wont go along with that to my own family.
While growing up to the age of 24, I did a couple of things which I detailed on a blog post this same time last here. Here is the blog post http://blackamphi.com/1309-mambe-churchill-nanje-birthday-present-world.html
So if you want to keep up with me and my younger years prior to last year visit this link http://blackamphi.com/1309-mambe-churchill-nanje-birthday-present-world.html

Now lets talk about me and my life while I was 24.

- I continued expanding my business AfroVisioN Group into other African countries and getting more clients which are between 100 and 150 clients world wide now
- I worked with my partners to launch Camerborn hosted on http://www.camerborn.com the Cameroonian born social media platform
- My company and I worked with Boss Uche Chuta to launch this Global Mobile and Web payment and money transfer platform Vaultnoir hosted on http://www.vaultnoir.com, Africans can now have their own paypal accounts.
- I appeared on B.spirit an in flight magazine over Brussels Airlines... check the blog post below http://mambenanje.blogspot.com/2010/08/mambe-churchill-nanje-profiled-on.html
- Alot of things happened but I cant detail them all in this post...but my partnership in Nigeria kept expanding with naijaborn.com, aimtechng.com, vaultnoir.com, pcklinicng.com, aadilonline.com all being related in one way or another to my Nigeria expansion strategy.
- also my 24th year on earth was filled with expansion, expansion, expansion(my company now has 7 fulltime staff and 5fulltime developers: http://twitter.com/mambenanje/afrovision-staff)...along side alot of articles on sites like cp-africa.com, webtrendsng.com, techmasai.com, edouardtamba.com and many many others who thought I was worth it

show ya sef !

Looking forward to my 25th year on earth and also spending some days off the computer while gaining momentum to continue the ride which I think will be faster and bumpy... watch out for www.njorku.com

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mambe Churchill Nanje Profiled on B.Spirit an Inflight Magazine for Brussels Airlines

If you are travelling this August 2010 via Brussels Airlines, pick up B.Spirit(July 2010 edition) and turn to page 53 to read up on me ;).

Now that I have made the announcement let me start from the beginning:

A few months ago, while I was busy trying to hack some codes I got a mail from a journalist in UK asking if I was available for an interviewing. He writes for B.Spirit ( http://www.ink-live.com/emagazines/b.spirit ) an inflight magazine for Brussels airlines and he was working on an article talking about broadband internet and its effects on Africa.
Well first I wanted to be like the all busy guy that doesnt have time for interviews and the public eye (my usual self) but then again I said ooh well this is exposure for me so let me give it a try.
We had a couple of conversations and finally he told me he was done with the article. Before I knew it Linda Raftree ( http://lindaraftree.wordpress.com/) got to me on twitter with an @reply saying she saw a profile of me as she read one of the magazines in the plane while traveling back to USA from Africa (Nairobi, Kenya). Immediately I had to recall the interview I had with the journalist.
Basically the article talks of myself, AfroVisioN Group ( www.afrovisiongroup.com ) , how it all started and how its growing now with the internet access getting better.
He told me about 600,000 people read that magazine on board the Brussels airlines every month so I am glad to get such exposure at this time of my business journey.
So if you are travelling via Brussels airlines, pick up the B.spirit magazine this August 2010 and check my swag and show me some love here with some comments...

excepts of the article from the magazine are in the graphics below.

show ya sef

click on the image to enlarge and read

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Android OS Can Go Social and Replace Facebook

Today I was having my usual rants on twitter and facebook and I posted something peculiar about my observations on Google, Google Me and the whole Facebook effect.

if Android OS becomes social...facebook is going to find it hard to catch up... if I was working for Google...Android will become social

But now lets see where I got my theory.

Eric Schmidt(Google CEO) has been talking recently about their Google Me rumors and he says they are not creating something to replace facebook. He said: The problem facebook is solving has been solved, we are solving something else.

I have always known Google as as company that sees a market, and sees a giant in the market...accept the giant and even promotes the giant in the market and build their own solutions that work on top of that giant system and make their own share of the money(this is what they did with MS Office and Windows. they produced Google Docs).

I also know them infamously as a company that knows how to say "if I cant beat you in the air, I will take you to water and land and my overall points from water and land will out weigh the points you get against me in the air" this is a war strategy where you expand the battle field(they did this to the iPhone and released the Droid and they are trying to get non smartphone users interested in smartphones by convincing the non smartphone phone manufacturers to get more smartphones to their clients, Droid, DroiX, Incredible, EVO 4G ).

Talking about Droid and Android...now imagine if the phone turns to become a social gadget that has a login screen when you turn it on (I guess its already using gmail accounts), and as you login you can see feeds of your Android friends network. Once you do some actions and set up your privacy and friend groups for say Co-workers, school mates, family, etc. these groups will see feeds of things you do on your phone in realtime like, snap a picture and save...and your friends will auto see a feed and see the picture and they can comment or share it (Android device to Android Device over the internet)...taking what happens on facebook right inside your phone. Other actions may include when you shoot a video, download an application, buy an application, use a website and other preying/privacy intruding things that facebook does to us now...

well thats the concept I think they might use to expand the market since facebook is king of web social networking, they will push hard and expand the field into social networking on the handset where in facebook will not be able to catch up...take facebook from its comfort zone(web) into a new zone where Google and its Android OS determine the rules and beat them like a pinata lol ;)

If you doubt my theory please see how they are taking Microsoft from Desktop Office tools into cloud office tools...Microsoft is dancing to Google's tune and following the steps of Google while they were leader in office tools, now Google determines the future of office productivity. Thats the kind if turn I can bet on. Also they are the ones deciding the future of smartphones now not Apple, because for the past 6months Apple iOS has only been playing catch up and they are not yet fully recovered lol

See the response and conversation I had on facebook with friends:

Saheed Taiye Adepoju: how should android go social?

Mambe Churchill Nanje: well the OS needs to have a friends app...that keeps your friends on their phones posted about some things you do on your phone...like I snap a new picture, the people I have added to my friends list will be notified of the picture and they can comment right from their phone...then expand it to games, apps, as I do this on an app just like facebook...my friends see a feed of some of my public actions...then they can comment or share it to their own friends...login to facebook is synonymous to login to your android phone

Saheed Taiye Adepoju: they got all that via android apps. The OS is very open and can customise it to be social. You got friendStream on the HTC UI sense which allows one to automatically update twitter and facebook and flickr. I can easily share links from within my android phone, i can pretty much do "social" thing due to the tons of apps on Android market. At the moment, logging into Gmail is same as logging onto ya android phone. If you havent got a gmail acct, the phone is pretty much useless to ya.

Mambe Churchill Nanje: cool...but I dont mean twitter, facebook...I mean ANDROID to ANDROID.... keeping facebook and twitter out of the whole scenario...friend to friend...like phone calls but now friend activities communicated to friends and they can comment and get notifications on their phones...no email, no facebook just phone and internet access

Saheed Taiye Adepoju: Ok, understood. That's just another blackberry initiative. Would be boring :).

Mambe Churchill Nanje: well nothing is boring if well implemented...

Saheed Taiye Adepoju: well i guess keeping with the android initiative of being open, someone might just implement android messaging, that wont be too hard.

Mambe Churchill Nanje: well its more than messaging...the files you save in your phone memory and apps you install, get shared with a couple of people...facebook pretty much is an os...where you have a profile, you login, you see what others are doing on their own space...so this is what I mean...what you save on your phone can be commented on by others...think pictures, videos, text, etc

Saheed Taiye Adepoju: Ok.

Tabi Tabe Ebot: ‎@mambe Google can come up with something like but the probe is will the mass be able to get phones such the nexus with it price tag? i mean here in africa not everyone can afford one.

Laurantine Endah Tatah: ok sa!

Mambe Churchill Nanje: ‎@Tabi its the Android OS that will get this feature...and when naijaborn phones, camerborn phones, encipher tablets get the updated ones...these features come into the device...and you automatically part of the social network and you start building your friends

Tabi Tabe Ebot: ‎@mambe Google can come up with something like but the probe is will the mass be able to get phones such the nexus with it price tag? i mean here in africa not everyone can afford one.

Tabi Tabe Ebot: ‎@mambe well for thats very possible to engineer, i mean you see what i'm talk Google can do it, and someone of your quality can dev that since Android is open, its very possible, i see it even possible to push data at real time, since its pure android to android. Great idea man.

Mambe Churchill Nanje: if I develop it, then I have to push it right inside the next Google Android public release...but its good as Google is asking developers to submit their products

Tabi Tabe Ebot: that will be good. then i should be eyeing an android handset then.

Mambe Churchill Nanje: ooh well...I dont have the right investment to do this...but I can push it so Google does it...I am even thinking thats Google Me

Tabi Tabe Ebot: if thats Google me then there is alot of problem for the others social media company, anywhere lets hold our hands closed and wait on GoogleMe then.

Friday, July 02, 2010

My Resume of Barcamp Cameroon 2010

I was at Barcamp Cameroon 2010, where my company www.afrovisiongroup.com was privileged to be one of the sponsors and I went there to present my new project www.camerborn.com.

I was there along side Nara Njie Litumbe (software developer at AfroVisioN Group), check out his blog post about his participation http://njielitumbe.livejournal.com/1032.html which was to represent AfroVisioN Group and tell the Cameroonian tech community about Model View Controller( MVC ) and its benefits.
I had a presentation about Camerborn.com - Show ya sef...and its future innovations into the Cameroonian tech space.
here are some pictures we took at the event, enjoy

above: thats myself and Nara Njie www.twitter.com/nara_l

above: thats Nara Njie www.twitter.com/nara_l

you can view all the pictures on a facebook album here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=185212&id=517433359&l=1afff88aeb

Check out Nara's Barcamp Presentation on Model View Controller (MVC) and its use in web, mobile and enterprise software development.