Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cameroon GCE Results 2008

I got up from bed today and the radio was sounding

"...the 2008 Cameroon GCE results will be out today. And

the results would/should not be published on the Internet. The results will not be sold in booklets

and to the public only the press and radio will have the rights to buy and publish the

results....The results were posted on the Internet in 2006 to exploit money from the students...".

I am so concerned because, in 2006, we created[which is now offline] to host the results on the Internet and the main reason for the website was to sensitize Cameroonian youths on the importance of Information Technology, Computers and the Internet. We bought the results from the GCE board at 220,000FCFA to publish it for free access on the Internet mainly because of the sensitization and future benefits for Cameroonian people and our business.

If the results are posted on the Internet, form five and upper sixth students will be pushed to learn about using computers and the Internet. Because they will like to know how to get their results online. It might be affecting sales of news papers (press issues), but that one can be resolved by partnering with the news papers and not stopping Internet publication. More to that every student can be asked an extra fee of about 100FCFA for their results access online. which means the results will sell more than the press can ever sell their papers ( more revenue for the GCE Board ).

I cant imagine the number of students who would have learned how to use the computer ever since 2006. Usman Mbella, a lower sixth student at Inter Comprehensive High School, Great Soppo, Buea, who became a loyal user of talks to me online almost everyday. He keeps asking me to do something about publishing the results online, because their cybercafe revenue increased when the GCE results were published online. Which means the publication of the results online could mean more revenue to the Board and more revenue for cyber cafe owners all over the republic, going a long way to improve their living standards. Most of Mbella's classmates were always asking him to teach them how to use so they could know how to get their results when next they are released . The GCE results can greatly increase Internet usage in Cameroon. Nigeria is posting results online and most African countries, but in Cameroon I wonder why its illegal.

Anyway there are some disadvantages having the GCE results on the Internet:

- Errors caused by the programming logic, which might make someone fail while the person made it

- Security: someone might hack into the system and change their results

But these disadvantages don't weigh more than the advancement it will bring to the Cameroonian people in the nearest future.

I personally know that the GCE Results publication on the Internet can employ at least 5 Cameroonian youths which will increase their standards of living and keep them away from scamming or falling bush via [].

What do you think about this our current situation, to me I have no conclusions and I will keep working hard everyday to make the average Cameroonian (student, business man, etc) learn how to use the computer and Internet to make clean money with technology because with no opportunities like this, all they do is fall bush or fall scamming. To see how we have been helping follow this link " AfroVisioN Group's One Website for every Cameroonian at 50,000FCFA per year "

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Google Knol Has Been Launched - My Views

Google Knol is a like project by Google, most people think its going to rival Wikipedia and with the Google Brand Behind it, no one will doubt it.
I have some personal views about the product though.... continues after the knol interface picture

My views of Knol:

- The fact that the "write a knol" or something similar to "make a post" button is in green, is a very attractive part of the project. I love it because i think the future is green and most web solutions now don't only take on blue but take on GREEN as a way to make users feel at home on the site. Greener web ;)

- I realise it has more experts writing than anonymous or free writers we have on wikipedia, I wonder if this is an advantage or disadvantage. We shall see with time.

- I realised most of the articles on Knol are related to health or medical studies. Is it knol for the health industry or is it a compliment to Google health or what ?

- My defininition of web 3.0 is an online knowledge base, is knol a web 3.0 solution from Google ?

Well overall I think the knol product and wikipedia will add more value to the world and help many people in their career world wide

Monday, July 21, 2008

How Not to Help Africa

Today while browsing for recent blogs in Africa, I stumbled upon this article by REBECCA TINSLEY that touched me soo bad and I decided to share it here.
This is an extract from the article that realy caught my attention

In West Africa they describe people who waste money as being “as stupid as a white man.”

In extreme cases, such as the notoriously corrupt Cameroon and Malawi, DFID has partly suspended funding. But why were they given budget support in the first place? Don’t the people at DFID follow the latest corruption scandals in Africa Confidential?

An estimated $2.3 trillion of aid has gone to Africa since 1945 with disappointing results. The World Bank reluctantly concludes time and again in its reports that higher aid often leads to worse bureaucracy and more corruption.

My country is actually amongst the worst and I know this is no news. For more information read the full article here

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Meeting In Douala with Etum - Africa2Point0

last week I had an email from Etum ( the blogger behind ) asking me if we could meet in Douala to talk out some business. He actually works in France but he came to Cameroon for a 10 day vacation, so he decided to meet me and have a 'tete a tete' meeting with me on some of his startup projects he needs my expertise in.
We were at 'Belavie' in Akwa, Douala were we had to chill and talk about five project we will be working on together from now till December. I wont talk about the projects, but you will get to read about them with time. Below are the pictures I took

The pic below I was in the car from Buea to Douala

The Pic below we were in a Taxi from Rond Point Deido heading to Belavie Akwa - Douala

Here we are at Belavie Restaurant where the informal meeting took place. I am amazed at the number of things that were born in that location.

Below is a pic of Etum Joel or Africa2point0

After our meeting we met Enstine ( a web developer in Douala and a friend of mine who was just coming from a business meeting

Afrikeo | version 1.0 up and running

I wrote some articles about the African news, Blogs and Classified Ads platform. Where you can search and read whats happening in Africa. Yesterday we finaly rolled out the version 1.0 . Check it out and tell us what you think about the sites functionality and how we can make it better.
It features:
- news, blogs, classified ads from soo many sources in Africa
- Search for news, blogs, classified
- Suggest an interesting blog, news site or classified ads site in Africa, so we can insert into our indexing machine

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Investing in africa dot net

This site is a good resource for those who want to invest their money into Africa. I just found it on and I think its a cool thing to post it here.
hope you like it

Google Africa - The blog

I was reading articles on and I noticed the Google Africa Blog , I love Google and their works. With a blog like this, I will be able to follow all what Google is doing in Africa. Lets hope they will be giving us all the info we need.

Monday, July 14, 2008

seekvice | another startup am working on

OOh My .... I understand what you might be thinking about me, when I come up with new sites almost every week[nino, fee, enstine phebe inclusive]. If you wonder how I will cope with all these projects, then you should wonder how Google will cope with all these projects too. To me web 2.0 is doing many things and focusing on the most important ask Reid Hoffman[ founder linkedin, investor facebook]

Well lets get back to info about seekvice, this is a service I was thinking is needed on earth, where in people with problems go there and post their issues in love, relationships, friendship, education, career, job, computers, information technology, family, marriage, etc and let the world (users, hired experts) give them advice. For example when the service goes live, I will go there and post my problem on adsense which I wrote on this post Adsense not working in Africa , stating my problem and someone out there or a hired expert will see it and give me some advice (vice) which will help me get more revenue from adsense. I work on it along side phebe ( CEO a business student in the US.
To see more about this solution visit and below is a preview of the home page

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Afrikeo | version 0.9 done, up and running

Last week or so I talked about my work on, this night I just completed what I call the version 0.9.
As of now you can view African news, blogs and classified ads from quality sources (as Nino calls it ) and also view from specific countries. So if you want to read news about any african country, Afrikeo is at your service.

the key features:

- news, blogs, classified by country or africa wide. (top right corner of the page)

- search for african news for the past three months and see whats up in africa ( search for mugabe produced 500+ articles in last one month from a few sources

- feed suggestion. If you have an african blog or you know any, dont hesitiate to suggest to Afrikeo, she will analyse it and if its good enough it will be indexed in not more than 24 hours.

Please if you find any problems on afrikeo just get back to me, because its still a work in progress.
below are some screen shots of afrikeo:

below is a view of home page customised only with cameroonian news, blogs and classified

below is a vide of the home page showing all african blogs, news and classified

Below is a demonstration on how to select to view afrikeo by a particular country [ using the country filter at the top right corner ]

below is a view of search results page [ I used mugabe to show number of results that appear ]

below is the feed suggestion form

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Updates On AfroVisioN Group's One Website For Every Cameroonian

Last time I told you we launched a scheme wherein we make websites cheap and affordable to Cameroonain firms and individuals as low as 50,000FCFA/year [ about 110USD ]. Well we have been faring with soo many SME's benefiting and getting some web presence thanks to AfroVisioN Group and God.
We have just hosted the following site for a client and working on a couple of others. What is pushing is the fact that this goes a long way to sensitize business men in Cameroon.
We are currently working on six other websites, which means we are working hard to represent six cameroonian initiatives on the internet.

Damwo CIG ( - a site representing an organisation fighting for women empowerment. it cost our client 110USD per year to keep this site running.

I will keep posting about the success or failure of this "one website for every cameroonian firm or individual " program launched by AfroVisioN Group and if you need a site visit send us your request and we will host your site in 7 days. At AfroVisioN Grouip, we work hard everyday to improve computer systems awareness in Cameroon and later Africa ;)

Saturday, July 05, 2008

My Interview With Rehbeh Poubom A Law Student In The University Of Buea, Cameroon

I recently did an interview with Rehbeh Poubom [ a law student at the university of buea ] , who is also aspiring a career in administration. The interview was to inspire young Cameroonians in the university of buea who will learn from his experience. He told me about how he became a vice president in the Univerisity of Buea Student Union and also how he became the current president of Sacred Heart College mankon Ex-Students Association (Shesa) in the univesity of buea. click here to read the detailed interview

below is a picture of him infront of their family house in Buea.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Afrikeo | the new one stop spot for african news and blogs is a pet project am working on with Nino Its an online african news and blogs solution where african news from all sources ( news sites, blogs) can be found. So if you want to be informed about whats happening in africa from one web page just visit . Currently we are still working on the framework and if you visit it, you will see the articles although much work is still to be done in term of killer features. I cant disclose more about the site and the features to stay ahead of the game. Just check it out and if you have any suggestions please dont hesitate to get back to me with comments or contact me at