Friday, October 19, 2007

What I feel today october 19, 2007

Well I just turned 22 some days ago and I have been busy working on strange web applications that have been taking my time to the point that I could not tell how the days go by. Today is a great day because I am like halfway done with the application (that will take me the next 6 months to complete ). While I am working on it , am also working for AfroVisioN .
Guess this is realy making me go like Einstein and my younger brothers are already calling me that name.
Well this annonymous application might be my biggest break through in cyber space as my classmate Shellabi told me when I hinted her on the idea anyway we will talk about that later
bye world

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I am back into bloging (Hello World)

After roaming arround for some time I realised I had some skills in blogging. From now on I will be informing the world on anything that comes acros my ears, eyes or my fictitious mind. I have been working on then now I have to start but lets skip that.
My life so far has been boring because I was trying to look into myself and see what I am missing , but my conclusion is that my life is not regular because I dont drink with my friends and I dont go to dance, maybe I am growing mad. Anyway this is suppose to be a short come back to blogging.
and I will definitly call this my Hello World blog post chaooo

Friday, January 05, 2007

javascript the open source version of MSIL

To me Microsoft Intermidiary language was not to make programmers hang
on to microsoft but to make you realise the way forward. And the god of
programming blessed us with GWT and the WEB INTERMIDIARY LANGUAGE. with
javascript we are blessed, So I AM CALLING ON GOOGLE TO USE ITS MONEY

This is my approach:
gwt, has done a great job to compile java to javascript, in less than
two months gwt can compile C#,, pearl, php(yes I mean php),
python, C, and actionscript to javascript. Then javascript is

There are many young guys out there who code with php, due to its price
and study curve, bosting php with something like the power to code a
full time running software on google web toolkit will be wonderfull,
and like in the .net we are suppose to ensure that the
packages(namespaces) are all thesame, that is org.gwt.client will be
the same for all programming languages, so that if I code in php, some
one can code in java and we speak GWT and WIT.

I can bet with you that there are so many programmers out there who do
nothing at their spare time, so I wish to plead with Google inc(not only Google) to launch a
competion using their results page, past it at the top where
they are putting tips, telling developers that the person(team) who will
make php code work in gwt, with thesame class libraries would earn
$$$, and same for C# and the other languages, and u will see it to be
very usefull. I love java, but nowadays developing softwares is not the
langauge it is the approach and OOP has now become a standard, so we
should code GWT from anywhere and any langauge. and before u know it
.net, flash and java developers will now develop web(ajax) applications
in a gwtstudio, or with their prefered studios( even I am not
anti microsoft but I am pro open source and the less priveleged. I
think if google with its money puts me up on this one I will make a
great job for myself and the other guys in the open source world.

This is my approach to making a developer a designer and a designer a developer