Sunday, August 17, 2008

Active Records VS Traditional SQL For Fast Web Development

Active records is a new way of querying a relational database without hand coding or thinking about the sql yourself.

Now let me explain with an example:

if I want to get everything in a table of users I will code it like this with php and normal sql:

//construct the sql
$sql="select * from users order by dateregistered desc";
//execute the query ingnoring the errors
/// now fetch
echo "username: ".$record['name']."

Thats realy boring imagine handling all the errors everytime you perform a query. I can't remember the last time I wrote codes like that. Imagine coding a solution as big as twitter and u have to write such codes.

Now lets do it with active records

//instantiate the active records database class
$db=new activeRecordsDB(array('host'=>'localhost','username'=>'root','password=>'passwod'));
//order the query by date registered
//execute the query
//loop through the records
foreach($records->result() as $user){
echo "name: ". $user->name;

This is how you add WHERE, LIKE condition statements using active records

/instantiate the active records database class
$db=new activeRecordsDB(array('host'=>'localhost','username'=>'root','password=>'passwod'));

//add a where clause
//or add a like clause

//order the query by date registered
//execute the query
//loop through the records
foreach($records->result() as $user){
echo "name: ". $user->name;

With active records we have more readable codes and easy to understand and work on with other developers in a team. Nowadays I work with projects with guys in different geographical locations, with active records our codes are easy to comprehend.
There are more advanced implementations of active records in Java, .NET, PHP , ruby on rails , etc. but what i wrote here is just an understanding of how active records makes web development very very fast and smooth.
Active records information can be read from wikipedia following this link

AfroVisioN Group Information Technology Training

AfroVisioN Group, a leader in software and web development services in Cameroon, is a young and fast growing firm in Buea - Cameroon with a vast portfolio of clients in Cameroon, Africa, Europe and USA.

AfroVisioN's client base is growing at a very fast rate and we are in need of young and dynamic cameroonians who will get trained and subsequently work for us. We need people who are interested in the following fields of study:

  • Computer Science

  • Accounting

  • Journalism and Mass Communication

And they will get trained in one of the following programs within 3 -5 months:

  • web development

  • software development

  • database administration and computerized accounting

  • graphic design and multimedia presentation

  • computer systems engineering(maintenance and networking)

  • online news writing and blogging.

Note: the training offer is limited to 8 students per course, we are not going to do a great deal of marketing because we need a small number of students which we are sure we can train adequately, which implies its a limited opportunity so the smart will be able to harvest it. If you are abroad and you have a brother or sister back home, you should advice them to come get these required skills or if you are a student or graduate you will be needing these skills. Here is an opportunity for you to get trained then empower yourself to work while your still a youngman.

For more information about the training visit then contact us via

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if you are interested in the porfolio of AfroVisioN Group you can checkout , , , or just visit

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google Adsense shows on Microsoft's search

Today after working the whole day on and , I decided to play abit with Microsoft's live search, I searched for images on keyword aeroplane just to test the usability of images search. I worked on it a few months back and I must tell you the image search of is more interactive than that of So I wanted to play with it once more and feel the interactivity and usability expertise portrayed by the software giant.
What amazed me is the fact that Ads by google appeared right on the Microsoft Search engine.
So has Microsoft accepted Google as king and decided to include the famous 'ads by Google' on their search results or Microsoft did not notice that including web pages randomly from many sources on their site could also include google ads.

check the photo below and see where the ads by google appears on

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

AfroVisioN Group In Partnership Talks with Two Firms In Switzerland

For a couple of weeks now we have been in talks with two Software firms in Switzerland. The Swiss firms are having a lot of work and they are willing to outsource some of it to AfroVsioN Group, Cameroon ( ) . This means AfroVisioN Group's revenue will increase greatly and also the number of employed Cameroonains will also increase. We will have to train more young talents from the University of Buea and employ them to work on most off these projects coming in. I for see that our current staff base will rise from 8 to about 30 workers before January 2009.
This way the Information technology experience in Molyko, Buea will also increase drastically with soo many young Cameroonains walking around with laptops and talking nothing but php and codeigniter codes, not forgetting Ajax, Flash and doing a lot of new creations in form of computer algorithms for money.
We have been in constant talks with a representative from Switzerland, who is here to do the arrangements and have a tete a tete with us. So far the negotiations are going well and we are working on the first pilot project after which we will work on about 5 projects for them before the end of December2008 or so.
To me outsourcing is one big road to the success of information technology in Cameroon, because our local market is not yet aware of the importance of such solutions. india IT sector had a boom because most US firms were outsourcing to India, so Africa and Cameroon can also get into it that way.
check out the pictures below we took in some of the meetings at AfroVisioN group offices.

The picture below we had a meeting at our developers lounge. Thats where all the and solutions get created and maintained

The picture below is in the same place but now the white guy behind me by the right of the picture is the swiss representative

same location but now i am the one taking the picture so am absent. you can see the AfroVisioN Group Developers, the guys that write one of the best algorithms in Cameroon Information technology space.

we had an online video-audio conference with the swiss guys and I was trying to talk on our partnership with them

this is the skype screen, where we were seeing the swiss guys and talking with them live