Monday, May 30, 2011

Moving forward in 2011...

My blog has been silent in months or maybe years... I have been hustling at alot of levels and my new nick name became I AM A HUSTLER ;)... inspired by rap music ;).
Ok this is why I haven't blogged in a while:

1) working on a Human Resource technology hub in the making for Africans world wide and maybe other countries... There is just no limit to this platform I am killing myself on... coding, business ideas, testing, research, growing mad, getting sad, crying, laughing... and watching Google Analytics ;).

2) AfroVisioN Group my foundation is profitable but I have been battling with new staff month over month I have had like 4 failed hirers where I train guys only to realise they cant be up to what I want them and hence cant use them. There is a big problem with education in Africa... the level at which they leave university is like 2yrs behind world class work force for the most intelligent of them all. I have been having a hard time trying to get them up to pare and the frustration wont let me do any other thing like updating my blog

3) I have been having alot of stress and fatigue from step 1 and 2 above to the level where I have had to involve into gaming PLAY STATION FIFA 10 has become a new friend and at times I just sit at home reading news and thinking hard on what next to do. but the HR issues I faced in my business led me to developing the HR platform great right ;).

Finally I will like to thank God for all he has shown me and now mom is also happy and brothers, sisters and family are closer as I get to spend less time working and more time with them especially this past month(May 2011) when my hemophilia brother got me scared as he had appendicitis and that needs operation but his blood condition wont allow an operation, I got so scared for the first time in my life for my kid brother and he is the only one I got. Some how I think I should be successful all the time so if I am not really making great inroads in my current business(AfroVisioN Group-> engineering the way towards more profit), I should make great inroads into my family and also my new venture but all of that is going to change soon from the next quater I will have enough knowledge to employ the best once again and retain them and move fiercely with great outputs... Amen


Azuka said...

Nice to hear all is well.

Mambe Nanje said...

thanks Azuka... how you dey ?



Stephemi said...

Very emotional. Courage man. Wish u to succeed man. Familly support is the best one u can have in difficult moments.