Sunday, March 08, 2009


Have you ever wondered what will happen if your mail client could send mails in the BACKGROUND ? if so then we are very much alike.

MAGIC: I wish that the gmail team reads this and adds this feature so it can help me read and respond to my business mails faster.

Now you might be wandering what I mean by "multithreading in gmail", well I simple wish to be able to send more than one mail at the same time with my gmail account.

The idea is simple:
1) I compose a mail,
2) add some attachments,
3) hit send button,
4) gmail sends the mail in a background thread and shows me the "notification status"
5) I go back to my inbox, (mail is been sent in background)
6) read another mail (mail is still being sent, or if done notice appears)
7) reply to another mail which also quees in a background thread.
8) I go back to inbox and the cycle continues

This way, while a mail is been sent, gmail informs me, "mails sending in process" or "mail has been sent" but the sending process doesnt stop me from searching, reading or doing other stuffs in gmail. Currently when you sending a mail it blocks you from doing any other thing, if you try to click on inbox while mail sending in process, it gives you a modal notice "your mail has not been sent... discard...". but they could just do a background thread and I go on while the machine works and informs me assynchronously.

Why on earth are the smartest web geeks(Phds) not able to do this simple computing stuff for me ??
AJAX is assynchronous javascript and XML. if i can remember my AJAX lessons, Assynchronous means it runs in the background, and gmail is one of the leading AJAX apps on earth. So guys please add me some "send mail in background" feature so i can reply to 20 mails in 3-- mins.


ongola boy said...

I suggest you to send your request here: ;)

Mambe Nanje said...

ooh merci ongola boy, je vais le faire maintenant

Ti Aya said...

This feature is already present in the new Yahoo Mail. It's possible to send multiple mails at the same time, as a new tab is opened for each one.

Etum said...

@Ti Aya,
On parle de Dieu Google tu viens nous hambock avec Yahoo? lol

Ti Aya said...

"Dieu" n'a alors qu'à copier ce que les hommes ont fait. lol

Mambe Nanje said...

@Ti Aya
I didnt know the new yahoo has the feature and I am already use to gmail interface and its faster for my business needs.
qu'est-ce qu'il ya avec Ti Aya ?? ;)

etum said...

tu vois non?

enstine said...

Hey man,

What's up? Hope the google guys upgrade to your demands. Did you do as ongola suggested?

Mambe Nanje said...

hey Enstine,
I did what Ongola boy said and now I am hoping Google ads it cos I need it to make more money

TAMBA said...

Je ne suis pas sûr de bien comprendre parce que l'info pour moi c'est un peu du chinois et si en plus c'est en anglais...
Mais je me demandais juste, si tu ouvre plusieurs onglets ou fenêtre avec ton Gmail, n'est-il pas possible de faire plusieurs choses à la fois? Parce que ça marche avec wordpress, yahoo, facebook...

Mambe Nanje said...

hey Tamba ;) welcome to my blog
I think its possible like that but it defeats the whole user experience of gmail being a desktop like web application.
Also it will consume alot of resources since firefox will reload the whole gmail java script framework in every tab, hence eating up my memory. I wish they do it all on the server side