Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cameroon GCE Results 2009 Released

Once more, the results have been released and still not legal for someone to host them online.
I wonder why, but I am still hopping that one day this will change. Last year I wrote a blog post here
detailing some of the advantages and disadvantages of having the results online.

Which included:

-Raising ICT awarness amongst youths

-Introducing a new source of revenue to the GCE Board by using licenses and paid subscriptions to the results access platform

-Introducing a new source of revenue to cyber cafe owners nationwide

-Increasing the ICT usage amongst youths in Cameroon

The project we had at AfroVisioN Group that involved hosting the Cameroon GCE results online has been canceled ( and we have continued with as a replacement project targeting the youths of Cameroon, while hoping that one day we will get an opportunity to publish the results using the internet.
Its still So So SAD


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update on GCE result release but not publish online. i hope the flight continues, never give up bros because we must win one day.. Ejob

Ti Aya said...

C'est vrai que c'est bizarre. Quelle est la raison pour laquelle ils ne veulent pas que les résultats soient disponibles sur le net?

Mambe Nanje said...

@Anonymous yes bro the fight continues and I wont give up. atleast not anytime soon :D
@Ti Aya, ils parlent de problème de sécurité mais je sais que c'est d'autre raison....

nellorc said...

I am cathy muma.I live in america bt an ex sttudent of lcc its difficult for us here to get the news paper for the gce.and the only other place is the its no tell me ,how do ex students all over the globe from cameroon schools do now?

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