Monday, June 21, 2010

Building Android Applications From A Web Developer Point of View

Recently my love for Android OS has gone over the bar mainly due to the vast penetration of mobile technology in Africa and the FOSS nature of Android which permits any entrepreneur(even those in the developing world) to start their own smartphone manufacturing company like Nokia, HTC, Apple etc.
So I am getting more and more into Android and smartphone applications development waiting for the next 6years to have a giant industry with my smart apps, and also get started with some outsourcing deals to get a hang of mobile apps development space while it matures in Africa.
As a regular writer for, I decided to share some of my findings by writing an article that introduces web developers with knowledge in jquery to develop iPhone, Android apps for their existing web applications using jQTouch.

jQTouch is a jquery plugin that can be used by any web application developer with small experience in jquery to build applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

follow the link below to read my article about jQTouch on

and view a sample app I developed for iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones in 3hrs for this article .
You can test the application above using any webkit enabled browser like Google Chrome or Apple Safari or just use your internet enabled smartphone(iPhone, iPad or Nexus One).


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Mambe Nanje said...

yeah it means I would have to talk to him then... thanks for the always available support ;)

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