Tuesday, September 02, 2008

some random pictures

I have had a couple of events at the offfice, around buea, in douala and all and I was to blog about them but I didnt have time because there are alot of projects AfroVisioN Group is working on and I have to see that all the clients are satisfied. So I have decided to post the pictures and just comment about them.
check out the pictures below and you might know what has been happening with me:

Below: Ghislain Kamgang(Cameroonian in Paris, France) paid us a visit at AfroVisioN Group while we were working on our new corporate website so we had to take a look at it together

Below: Ghislain and the brother Sorel (Cameroonian in Germany) were with us yesterday and we had to analyse AfroVisioN Group's new website.

Below: Ghislain while he was explaining some software development concepts to AfroVisioN Group developers during his visit

Below: I was walking the streets of Buea with a laptop behind me, and I decided to get the look and feel of the whole scenario

Below: Enstine (www.enstine.net) came to AfroVisioN Office and he was asking Valery (Software developer - AfroVisioN Group) some questions about an enterprise software we were building in C#

Below: I had a meeting with Enstine and it was fun. Its always fun when I meet with software developers or geeks

Below: I paid a visit to douala along with Wenie (my gf) and we were with FEE and Enstine.


Etum said...

Hey guys nice to see that your having fun

mambenanje said...

thanks Etum and I wish I could even get a holiday and catch more fun

Anonymous said...

Nice, I see your having fun