Tuesday, September 02, 2008

let the downloading begin - Google Chrome

Google or "Big G" has finally decided to own the internet by releasing the linux of browsers. Microsoft has not finished fighting linux now they have to fight Chrome. Google used the power of linux, put thousands of computers together and built what Microsoft could never be able to kick off and in other words, build what will be the internet monopoly. I don't blame them because its always said "only a Ninja can stop a Ninja", and in this case "only Monopoly could stop Monopoly". Chrome sounds very interesting for a software developer like me - multi threading with processes, garbage collection, memory reuse, many nice geeky words, and I like the fact that it has the power java had when it came in with garbage collection and memory reuse. I am very excited to learn this will be out today for download and we have to watch the number of download against that of IE8 and Firefox 3.
I cant wait to download and test chrome for the mean time I like the look from the pictures


Etum said...

Sincerement IE8 et FF3 font largement mieux en termes de browser. Mais Google avait besoin de controler ces applications alors il a créer une sorte de client lourd embarqué dans le navigateur

mambenanje said...

Google has always been good at entering new markets. From Google search, to Gmail, to Maps. Just like Microsoft was known for copying Google is known for doing something better even if there is already competition. So expect Chrome to take over the browser market like search did or like gmail or gmaps did

Etum said...

I don't think so. I will come later to give my ideas