Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Introduction To KohanaPHP - Article for packtpub UK

Recently I was contacted by one of the editors at www.packtpub.com, to come up with an article on programming with Kohana PHP Framework www.kohanaphp.com. I was happy getting such an offer and also happy because I will get to see how good my technology writing skills are ;), to me its some sort of a test. I came up with the article after a couple of days and for my first time, I say I am impressed because my first draft was approved and was said to be ok for publishing.
Oh well personally I was thinking I will have to do a second and third draft before it gets approved.
below is a preview of the article followed by a link to packtpub.com where the article is published... check it out and tell me what you think....merci.


Kohana PHP Framework is an open source PHP software development framework that helps php developers to build web applications faster, and also, more effectively by providing them with a set of built-in objects/classes. It also enforces highly organized coding standards.

The Kohana PHP Framework is just like Ruby on Rails; it implements the well known software engineering design pattern—Model View Controller(MVC). The Model View Controller software design pattern guides engineers to design their software codes into three separate parts which includes:

  • Models: The objects that manipulate data sources and data stores.
  • Views: The html and css files with inline php codes that present the user interface and controls to the application users.
  • Controllers: Objects in charge of the business logic, displaying the page(views), and routing the click actions from the views to the model and back to the views....


DjiaThink said...

I'm interrest by Kohanna PHP. For my next project I'll think use it. But adaptation is more easy than Cakephp ?

Mambe Nanje said...

Kohana PHP is easily adapted and customised than CakePHP but its still 100% OOP and robust framework like CakePHP. only advantage is Kohana doesnt impose anything on you, but gives you the flexibility to use it and not to use it when need arises. Also the possibility to use any php class and use it in kohana...infact I encourage you to try it and give your own reviews