Monday, September 13, 2010

My 25th Birthday and my new name: Mr Churchill Nanje

Hello World
Though I am on vacation I decided to drop a note on my blog since its my 25th birthday.
I am older, stronger and more connected now and I am ready to face life from a different angle. So I decided to officially start bearing my own name which is Mr Churchill Nanje. Well Mambe is my Dad's name so I wont go along with that to my own family.
While growing up to the age of 24, I did a couple of things which I detailed on a blog post this same time last here. Here is the blog post
So if you want to keep up with me and my younger years prior to last year visit this link

Now lets talk about me and my life while I was 24.

- I continued expanding my business AfroVisioN Group into other African countries and getting more clients which are between 100 and 150 clients world wide now
- I worked with my partners to launch Camerborn hosted on the Cameroonian born social media platform
- My company and I worked with Boss Uche Chuta to launch this Global Mobile and Web payment and money transfer platform Vaultnoir hosted on, Africans can now have their own paypal accounts.
- I appeared on B.spirit an in flight magazine over Brussels Airlines... check the blog post below
- Alot of things happened but I cant detail them all in this post...but my partnership in Nigeria kept expanding with,,,, all being related in one way or another to my Nigeria expansion strategy.
- also my 24th year on earth was filled with expansion, expansion, expansion(my company now has 7 fulltime staff and 5fulltime developers: side alot of articles on sites like,,, and many many others who thought I was worth it

show ya sef !

Looking forward to my 25th year on earth and also spending some days off the computer while gaining momentum to continue the ride which I think will be faster and bumpy... watch out for


Anonymous said...

Bravo for clocking 25 years on this our technological planet. Wishing you a happy celebration.

Calculator Careers said...

Church hill Mwalimu Kingangi is that you?

quincykwende said...


There is always a reason to thank God in everything we achieved.

Bravo !!!

Happy B-Day

Many more success

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Man! SYS!