Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google Adsense is not working in Africa

Google Adsense the biggest ads network on the planet, which is also known as the "Google money making machine", seems to be a total failure in Africa[IMHO - anyway thats why its on my blog...].
Dont rush to comment yet, read on to get my points.
I have been running and its having atleast 20 unique visitors per day, with such traffic in USA I guess I will be having atleast 2 USD per day, but here in Africa I get 0.1 USD on the average per day. I have also placed adsense on this blog, and , but the overall revenue from the four sites is barely 2USD per week on the average.

I have some small explanations for this though:

- Adworks is not yet used by most African firms, so most adverts that get served to adsense publishers in Africa are mostly for international viewers which is not higly targeted for our African audience and it results to low click through rates.

- A friend of mine who owns gave his own explanation as follows: African publishers are abusing the adsense program thinking its free money and thus Google has put high restrictions to the African part of the Adsense/Adworks network.

If there is any person out there with an African venture that makes a great deal from Adsense, please place a comment so I could know if its me or its Adsense not getting it right in Africa.

For example, a big website as with 200,000 registered members and an estimated daily traffic of about 50,000 unique visitors, I guess the 25 year old owner of the site would be making about 1 million USD per annum but I bet he barely makes 500K USD per annum which can clearly justify my claim that "Google adsense is not working in Africa".

I personally think African web publishers need their own ads network which will be highly targeted to advertising African products so that the African users of our sites will get to see adverts that make more sense to them. This will lead back to my open source Adverts solutions for publishers (code named admark), which I talked about in a previous post below.


Uncle Che said...

I agree that Adsense does not work well for Africa and i am so mucjh in love with Mambe's explanation related to African firms and Adwords.

On the other hand, i am a bit skeptical about's argument. I have been reading stuff about adsense but never found any prove of geographical or regional discrimination. I have seen many sites that greatly abuse adsense up to the point of putting about 10 ad and link units per page, but the content doesn't "sound" African.

I personally agree with Mambe that africa needs its own ad network.

mambenanje said...

Hey Uncle Che, I am happy there is someone out there who also things like me.
thanks bro

feyisara said...

I don't quite agree that adsense does not work well for africa. I want believe that google created this ad network to be a universal think if african's are not earning much from adsense then i think there are things thay are not doing well
lawal feyisara

Nino said...

Hey Churchill,

U've been reviewed here

mambenanje said...

thanks Nino, I just checked it out and I loved the other blogs too

usiola said...

I think i disagree with you, have you ever considered the african webmasters not knowing the psycology of their visitors and also the basics of adsense. For example; on this site, your adsense is at the foot of the page, and the other by its side.
HOw many of your readers scroll to the bottom of your page.
Google prescribed the adsense to be placed above the fold and also illustated the heat areas in a diagram. About, each time i visit the place, the background color of his adsense shouts "I am an advert, do not click me"

I checked out your sites, Africa has a total of 51 million internet users out of the total 1.4 billion users in the world which is just 3.6%(internet world stats) with cameroon having less than 370,000 users. Why not focus on a foreign market. You do nat have to be in the usa to capture the american and european market. facebook is not in africa, is it?
Use keywords smartly, choose expensive topics and target a responsive market.
Research into the basics of adsense, tweak your website and it would amaze you how much you have done.

mambenanje said...

thanks very much for the good information, I will consider what you just said and give it another shot. Once more I say thank you

Oluniyi David Ajao said...

I have just responded directly to your blog post about Google Adsense here: Is Google Adsense working for Africa?

Join today said...

Mambenanje thanks for your reply to my post on nairailand...You are right if you are talking about the african market advice to any one is to go more boarder by targetting the american and european market instead

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thestreetwiseone said...

Just to let you know that you need to be a bit careful with the details you disclose here concerning your exact earnings from Google Adsense. You may be going against one of the Terms and Conditions.

I thought, I should let you know so that you do not get banned.

I feel you though, and will have more contributions later.

AQUILOGY said...

crispads is way better, I'm thinking of starting to use it.

mambenanje said...

thanks thewiseone
for your points to help me out, but I think I did not disclose my earnings, I gave just averages form which you cant conclude my exact earnings till I tell. Which I wont tell
thanks a million, I will hit their terms of use now

Seun Osewa said...

Think of it this way. $2 a day in Africa is worth much more than $2 a day in the US. Yes, you make much less money, but that money goes much further in Nigeria.

Websites as large as Nairaland don't make that much. Nairaland is a pretty small website by US standards. Let's not take estimated figures so seriously.

Want to increase your $.1 to $10? It's simple. Just increase your traffic 100-fold, and you're there That's why Nairaland attempts to cover every topic under the sun!

mambenanje said...

finally you are here, thanks for dropping by and posting your 2 cents.
It will go a long way to help African web entrepreneurs like me

Master Sti said...

Hey Church,

I think the purchasing power of the visitor and the facilities to purchase from the net are important in Adsense fruitfulness.

Most Africans still use the Internet for information only. No transactions yet.


princeify said...

i dont really agree with you.i joined the adsense program in 2006 and have constantly made $120 monthly from the program and have cashed it over here in nigeria.the truth is this,i dont even have a website,but i do my home work as regarding traffic generation and i blog on topics of interest to people on the internet.i blog on sports,jobs,money making and motivationals.
just this month,i have made $75 and i know that it will increase before the month runs out.i know the amount is small as compared to teh amount thw whites rake in and bigger websites and forums like nairaland,but i am working toward getting a big forum soon.

i work,so adsense is not a major source of income but it sure does settle some bills.


Vickywebworld said...

do not be discouraged. Google adsense works for every one that knows the secret irrespective of location. Do you know the secret?

Let me tell you -
1. Quality and Unique Content
2. Traffic

Mambe Nanje said...

thanks Vicky
I wont give up, but I had to point out and see what others thing. check my blog home page there is a follow up to this post here

UGPulse said...

Not true... The only color Adsense/Google knows is green. It is true that African websites are hard to monetize... especially if your target audience is for Africans living in Africa. The reasons are many and they are obvious. If your site gets a large audience that consumes products of the advertisers then you will get advertisers that will pay adsense to be on your site.... and you will get a piece of that cake too.... The whole "if you build it they will come" does not work on the internet... Do your homework.

frank said...

google adsense works well, focus ur attention globally
you will get results
founder/ceo said...

Well, the amount you earn on your blog via adsense depends on the kind of keyword you target.

It doesn't matter your geographical location. I've seen Nigerian bloggers for example get up to $1 per click from Nigeria...

Keyword targeting makes the difference.

Big ups

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Mambe Nanje said...

ok Patrick I hear you...thanks for the comment... but its getting better... it was not when I wrote that post

@neni said...

Is it too late to comment? I have read about adsense and never heard about regional discrimination. The same to Africa.

Maurice Nyamoti said...

very true
getting verified is a nightmare

Abou Diomandé said...

I just joined the Adsense program this year 2016. I run a blog about animation and computer graphics.
From what i can see, most of my viewers are not coming from africa, where i'm living right now.
So my question is :
Does the country i'm living in has an impact on my earning ? (beside the other parameters that increases money with Adsense).

Mambe Nanje said...

Hello Abou,
I am no adsense expert but this is how I know it works.

If there are not many advertisers paying to advertise in the google adwords program in your country, no matter how much traffic you have in that country your earnings will be almost zero