Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Internet As One Big Social Network ( web 5.0)

I guess today is one of those days where I get up with one mad Idea ( my bad ). Well I have this strong feeling that the whole internet can be considered some sort of a rival to myspace, facebook and or hi5, just to name a few of such social networking sites.

Imagine the following:

- Personal blogs or personal sites are to become your profile on this social network

- emails from your blog to another guy or using another guy's contact page to send him/her and email is "internal messaging" on this ambigous social network

- your photos on flikr and videos on youtube embeded on your blog is your gallery on this our big social network

I hope you get the picture now.

Take this as my approach:

I build a big server some where whose job is to register/login people to this whole platform(Internet). for instance to post a comment on a blog or on someones pictures on flickr you have to login to this central server. After you login, any person on any blog will get to know that you are logged in and that person can chat with you, and if you leave your site to another person's blog or website, the system remembers your login status and you can comment on any site supporting the system but the system will check if the owner of the site permits you to comment on his or her content( just like on facebook ).
If you are not friends and you are not permited to comment, then you can invite the owner to become your friend and he or she has to be informed by email then approve it.
You can also get daily feeds from the system informing you about you friends activities, and you can set what you want to recieve and what you dont want to recieve alongside what you want to be broadcasted about you (cool huh ??)
So I go to my site, I login to post a blog, after I check comments on my articles, notice new guys, visit their blogs and I comment without login and the site knows me.
All the system needs is authentication, OpenID, and also friends database, to get connections between friends, not forgeting digitizing friend activities and the internet will be approaching web 5.0 in no time.
and I must say forget Sematic web, because the internet can not stand another chance of change, we are already changing it Semantic Web come catch us.

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