Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Google Adsense shows on Microsoft's search

Today after working the whole day on and , I decided to play abit with Microsoft's live search, I searched for images on keyword aeroplane just to test the usability of images search. I worked on it a few months back and I must tell you the image search of is more interactive than that of So I wanted to play with it once more and feel the interactivity and usability expertise portrayed by the software giant.
What amazed me is the fact that Ads by google appeared right on the Microsoft Search engine.
So has Microsoft accepted Google as king and decided to include the famous 'ads by Google' on their search results or Microsoft did not notice that including web pages randomly from many sources on their site could also include google ads.

check the photo below and see where the ads by google appears on

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UncleChe of AZ Blogging said...

I am very much amazed but I will like to present a double opinion on this.

1 - I will like to believe that the ads were not intentional. Maybe someone with more web experience than me can try to study the system, look at the source codes and decide how possibly those ads could be there. I really will not want to think that Live is so broke that making some cents from Adsense will perform magic for them

2 - Yeah, those ads could be there on purpose. They could be intentional. But I won't like to look at it as Microsoft "bowing" down to Google. What if Google pays Microsoft for hosting those ads so that they can increase the popularity of the Adsense program.

I must admit my ignorance in this situation.