Wednesday, August 06, 2008

AfroVisioN Group In Partnership Talks with Two Firms In Switzerland

For a couple of weeks now we have been in talks with two Software firms in Switzerland. The Swiss firms are having a lot of work and they are willing to outsource some of it to AfroVsioN Group, Cameroon ( ) . This means AfroVisioN Group's revenue will increase greatly and also the number of employed Cameroonains will also increase. We will have to train more young talents from the University of Buea and employ them to work on most off these projects coming in. I for see that our current staff base will rise from 8 to about 30 workers before January 2009.
This way the Information technology experience in Molyko, Buea will also increase drastically with soo many young Cameroonains walking around with laptops and talking nothing but php and codeigniter codes, not forgetting Ajax, Flash and doing a lot of new creations in form of computer algorithms for money.
We have been in constant talks with a representative from Switzerland, who is here to do the arrangements and have a tete a tete with us. So far the negotiations are going well and we are working on the first pilot project after which we will work on about 5 projects for them before the end of December2008 or so.
To me outsourcing is one big road to the success of information technology in Cameroon, because our local market is not yet aware of the importance of such solutions. india IT sector had a boom because most US firms were outsourcing to India, so Africa and Cameroon can also get into it that way.
check out the pictures below we took in some of the meetings at AfroVisioN group offices.

The picture below we had a meeting at our developers lounge. Thats where all the and solutions get created and maintained

The picture below is in the same place but now the white guy behind me by the right of the picture is the swiss representative

same location but now i am the one taking the picture so am absent. you can see the AfroVisioN Group Developers, the guys that write one of the best algorithms in Cameroon Information technology space.

we had an online video-audio conference with the swiss guys and I was trying to talk on our partnership with them

this is the skype screen, where we were seeing the swiss guys and talking with them live

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