Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Meeting With Dr. Mamouda Of The University Of Buea

On Tuesday I got a call from Billzimmerman( telling me I will have to present the next day(yesterday-wednesday 19 Nov 2008) to students of the University of Buea for their Brain Trust inter university competition which is centered around business creation. So I went there and met other Young entrepreneurs here in Buea and we had to do fast preparation in just 24hrs ;) but the outcome was perfect( leaving that for another post with pictures).
 The picture above is Bill's shot while we were at linkUp  (  training room talking about what the presentation will look like and the guides in producing our power point slide shows ;). Dr Mamouda of the University of Buea was one of the organisers of the event and we had a long talk about what we have to do at the event and other events we will have to attend. I am happy to meet this guy and amazed how I never knew he was around, he has this experience studying and working in Europe and USA and I bet you he will be a great tutor to me. He is a very open person and I will call on him whenever I have difficulties in any business operation ;). 

"Hey Thank you Bill for introducing me to this guy and all the opportunities and VC stuffs your bringing to the Buea area - God Bless You"

 I was there with a 19yr old business man who runs his own cyber cafe and an operation manager of a group that supplies computers to about 20 schools in the south west (bridging the digital divide). 
 I will post information about the presentation after I get the pictues ready. 

5 comments: said...

Apologies for the short notice- Dr. Mamouda asked me to recommend people who could give presentations at the workshop just minutes before I called you. You guys were superb.

Dr. Mamouda is an excellent contact to have in your pocket. He's all about promoting entrepreneurship and can surely advise you on the best way to take AfroVision to the next level.

Don't be surprised if you get called back for another presentation! Better keep that tie handy.


Mambe Nanje said...

hey Bill
thanks for the comment, and I was very happy when everybody was cheering at the hall when I talked about the 50,000FCFA website offer.
Well though we had a short time but I guess it was ok and thats what matters.
Once more thanks for all Bill

Banyangi girl said...

@Bill "keep the tie handy" lol but good job Churchill for stepping up on such short notice...i see AVN is going places...hopefully it will inspire our generation in cameroon to get up and do something worthwhile not only for themselves but also for their community/country...its about time...
-much love-

Mambe Nanje said...

hey banyangi girl
welcome to my blog and thanks for adding your comment its nice of you ;)

Banyangi girl said...

ahh no prob your impressed by your work...maybe we can work together...who knows..i can contacts that might come in handy for you later on! we'll see.ill email you