Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Presentation At The University of Buea For Brain Trust Competition

I was happy to be invited to talk about AfroVisioN Group to all the first class students at the University of Buea. They have to be inspired and motivated to start creating their own business' after school or while in school.
I told them who I was, my age and how I started AfroVisioN Group in 2006, and all our achievements (GCE results,, portfolio ) and how we have cut down cost of professional websites in Cameroon and put the most competitive price in the market. They were amazed when I told them we plan to build 1000 websites for NGOs, CIGs, SMEs and schools in Cameroon by the end of 2009.
check out the slideshow below and you might get a summary of how the presentation went through.


Anonymous said...

hmmm nice powerpoint...who made it

fee said...

Big time sap.

Nino said...

Keep going on

Mambe Nanje said...

@* the powerpoint was sketched by Dr Mamouda, then I worked online with a friend in USA who was asking me questions and producing it thanks to
"which kind big man sap, eh pass your own for gmail profile ;)"
Thanks for the courage and I pray God gives me the strength because am already getting old (living on vitamins till i have a long vacation)

Banyangi girl said...

lol your already getting old? then wetti people like me go do? well God will give you the strength just need to trust him more