Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fuh Bright Afangwei: hopes for a bright future, not insight?

My eyes are filled with tears as I cry for this little boy and his parents, I guess its realy hard for them to take it. He is a four year old little boy from Bafut currently in Yaounde because he cant see with his right eye because due to an infection called "Right Orbital Tumor". This picture is what I saw on his article on and I have never seen something like this before, so we are all called to see how we can help this little boy either by posting his story around or by just donating some funds so that this Cameroonian can live to be our next President, Doctor or Lawyer. Please read the extract below or follow the link to learn more about his case. See for your self:

"The story of Fuh Bright Afangwei can hardly be told without holding back tears.
Born of 23-year, Fuh Godwill and 21-year Ambesso Gladys, the story of this 4-year little boy started in 2006 when the child complained of right eye pain. 

The parents whose monthly income can be estimated at 25000 FRS CFA ($50) instantly took their first son in quest of a  proper diagnosis.

After criss-crossing a numbers of health centres in the small locality of Bafut where they lived, the boy was later referred to Acha Annex in Bafoussam, a Hospital reputed for treating relatively complicated eye problems..."
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skyllie said...

this is really depressing.

I tried the link but it did not open to the article.

how is the kid now?

Anonymous said...

hey good work churchill, was trying 2 follow up on the story and guess whose blog I was led to? kip it up man