Saturday, June 07, 2008

My Presentation at COSSA Seminar at the University of Buea [ part one ]

Today I was called up as resource person to present at the Computer Science students Association of the University of Buea on the topic "Building a website". The event had the theme: "Technologies behind the web". I must say it was a very exciting event and the students and others were happy to learn the wonders of web building. During my presentation, I talked about domain name, hosting server/accounts, design (html/css/graphics ) alongside programming with php and mysql.
I am currently tired from the seminar which took about 4 hrs and I have to have some rest I will prepare the pictures and a detailed blog about the seminar and post later.


Nino said...

Can u put your presentation on slideshare or something like that, and let us read it ?

mambenanje said...

well Nino I might post that later when I will post the details of the seminar and my presentation with the pictures.
watch out for the part two post

Master Sti said...

hey man,

Waiting for those pics );