Wednesday, June 04, 2008 | a new place for african web business men

After surfing the web and talking with a couple of friends, I decided to launch a community web solution for Young Entrepreneurs who are interested in setting up their own Business' in Africa, and also Africans out there who are doing something on the web.
So I had to launch
Like every other web venture, it takes time for it to get the users, and personally am ready to post hot articles on the site just like a blog till many others start responding and contributing.
The site talks about "hot Startups in Africa", "Startup Frequently ask Questions in Africa", "Marketing your African Startup", "fund raising and venture sources for you African Startup", "getting co founders and HR for your African startup".
But with time there will be more forums as the site grows and more people register. I love to see many web gurus come there to share knowledge so others can learn and grow their startups. If Africans can invest in the Internet they can make some money to fight Malaria, HIV and the rest.
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Cool initiative.