Sunday, July 13, 2008

Afrikeo | version 0.9 done, up and running

Last week or so I talked about my work on, this night I just completed what I call the version 0.9.
As of now you can view African news, blogs and classified ads from quality sources (as Nino calls it ) and also view from specific countries. So if you want to read news about any african country, Afrikeo is at your service.

the key features:

- news, blogs, classified by country or africa wide. (top right corner of the page)

- search for african news for the past three months and see whats up in africa ( search for mugabe produced 500+ articles in last one month from a few sources

- feed suggestion. If you have an african blog or you know any, dont hesitiate to suggest to Afrikeo, she will analyse it and if its good enough it will be indexed in not more than 24 hours.

Please if you find any problems on afrikeo just get back to me, because its still a work in progress.
below are some screen shots of afrikeo:

below is a view of home page customised only with cameroonian news, blogs and classified

below is a vide of the home page showing all african blogs, news and classified

Below is a demonstration on how to select to view afrikeo by a particular country [ using the country filter at the top right corner ]

below is a view of search results page [ I used mugabe to show number of results that appear ]

below is the feed suggestion form


AZ Blogging said...

Nino calls it African news, blogs and classified ads from quality sources? Hummh. I think Uncle Che should call it "A search engine focused on African content".

Because of the "still growing web presence in Africa", I personally think most African blogs and sites still have low pageranks, making them difficult to locate in major search engines. A site like Afrikeo can really speed up the search of African content on the web and make information about Africa and Africans more available to the entire planet.

mambenanje said...

uncle che,
this is wonderfull, you are a genus. I figured out no one will see it as a search engine but I think its more of a search engine for african blogs, news, classified and some to come. I wont tell you, just keep checking.

Nino said...

IT's up, but it's not running as good as it should be !!

Still on lot of things to do in this version. Some feeds are showing really in an ugly manner.

mambenanje said...

well nino,
your right, the site needs much improvements but atleast the basic platform and framework is in place. constant working will help me grow

Carlos said...

Good JOb! :)

telefonsex lauschen said...

Good Job! :)