Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Google Knol Has Been Launched - My Views

Google Knol is a like project by Google, most people think its going to rival Wikipedia and with the Google Brand Behind it, no one will doubt it.
I have some personal views about the product though.... continues after the knol interface picture

My views of Knol:

- The fact that the "write a knol" or something similar to "make a post" button is in green, is a very attractive part of the project. I love it because i think the future is green and most web solutions now don't only take on blue but take on GREEN as a way to make users feel at home on the site. Greener web ;)

- I realise it has more experts writing than anonymous or free writers we have on wikipedia, I wonder if this is an advantage or disadvantage. We shall see with time.

- I realised most of the articles on Knol are related to health or medical studies. Is it knol for the health industry or is it a compliment to Google health or what ?

- My defininition of web 3.0 is an online knowledge base, is knol a web 3.0 solution from Google ?

Well overall I think the knol product and wikipedia will add more value to the world and help many people in their career world wide

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master said...

Knol, an attack on the media industry in general?