Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Updates On AfroVisioN Group's One Website For Every Cameroonian

Last time I told you we launched a scheme wherein we make websites cheap and affordable to Cameroonain firms and individuals as low as 50,000FCFA/year [ about 110USD ]. Well we have been faring with soo many SME's benefiting and getting some web presence thanks to AfroVisioN Group and God.
We have just hosted the following site for a client and working on a couple of others. What is pushing is the fact that this goes a long way to sensitize business men in Cameroon.
We are currently working on six other websites, which means we are working hard to represent six cameroonian initiatives on the internet.

Damwo CIG (www.damwo.org) - a site representing an organisation fighting for women empowerment. it cost our client 110USD per year to keep this site running.

I will keep posting about the success or failure of this "one website for every cameroonian firm or individual " program launched by AfroVisioN Group and if you need a site visit www.afrovisiongroup.com/contacts.php send us your request and we will host your site in 7 days. At AfroVisioN Grouip, we work hard everyday to improve computer systems awareness in Cameroon and later Africa ;)


Uncle Che said...

Running a website at $110 a year is really cheap and encouraging especially for people who are very reluctant to own a site. With AfroVisioN's "One Website for Every Cameroonian", I see no need why every business or orgnisation in Cameroon shouldn't own a website.

Big Hugs to AfroVisioN.

Hey, Damwo-cig, welcome to the www

mbarakanamozo said...

That is great.I hope cameroonians would benefits from this moves you pple are creating.I personally love the kind of work you pple are doing.Kudos n keep up the work