Monday, July 21, 2008

How Not to Help Africa

Today while browsing for recent blogs in Africa, I stumbled upon this article by REBECCA TINSLEY that touched me soo bad and I decided to share it here.
This is an extract from the article that realy caught my attention

In West Africa they describe people who waste money as being “as stupid as a white man.”

In extreme cases, such as the notoriously corrupt Cameroon and Malawi, DFID has partly suspended funding. But why were they given budget support in the first place? Don’t the people at DFID follow the latest corruption scandals in Africa Confidential?

An estimated $2.3 trillion of aid has gone to Africa since 1945 with disappointing results. The World Bank reluctantly concludes time and again in its reports that higher aid often leads to worse bureaucracy and more corruption.

My country is actually amongst the worst and I know this is no news. For more information read the full article here

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