Monday, July 14, 2008

seekvice | another startup am working on

OOh My .... I understand what you might be thinking about me, when I come up with new sites almost every week[nino, fee, enstine phebe inclusive]. If you wonder how I will cope with all these projects, then you should wonder how Google will cope with all these projects too. To me web 2.0 is doing many things and focusing on the most important ask Reid Hoffman[ founder linkedin, investor facebook]

Well lets get back to info about seekvice, this is a service I was thinking is needed on earth, where in people with problems go there and post their issues in love, relationships, friendship, education, career, job, computers, information technology, family, marriage, etc and let the world (users, hired experts) give them advice. For example when the service goes live, I will go there and post my problem on adsense which I wrote on this post Adsense not working in Africa , stating my problem and someone out there or a hired expert will see it and give me some advice (vice) which will help me get more revenue from adsense. I work on it along side phebe ( CEO a business student in the US.
To see more about this solution visit and below is a preview of the home page


AZ Blogging said...

Another project? How great!

Let me get myself clear on something here. So what you are saying is that SeekVice is different from our regular How to, Tips, Tricks and Answers sites? So, instead of searching for information on How to start a Home Business, I can actually go to SeekVice and have someone give me a customized advice tailored to suit my situation and available resources? Wow!

2 thumbs up!!!

mambenanje said...

az blogging, you got all your questions answered by yourself.
and am happy you fully understand what seekvice is all about. hey seekvice is alwasy written 'seekvice', because its a verb or doing word. so dont write it like 'SeekVic' in title case. thanks